Topics and sub-topics

Topics & sub-topics

Methods and Processes

  • Lithography (e.g. photon lithography, electron and ion beam lithography, nanoimprint lithography, pattern transfer, scanning probe lithography, 2-photon-lithography…)
  • Etching (e.g. deep reactive ion etching, atomic layer etching, metal assisted chemical etching, electrochemical etching…)
  • Deposition (e.g. CVD, Atomic layer deposition, e-beam evaporation, sputtering…)
  • Resists and materials (e.g. graphene and other 2D materials, block copolymers, photoresists, thermoresponsive polymers, …)
  • 3D manufacturing and other replication methods (e.g. 3D printing, stereolithography, hot embossing, injection molding, inkjet printing, roll-to-roll manufacturing...)
  • Bottom up methods
  • Other


Fabrication and Integration of structures, devices and systems

  • MEMS/NEMS (e.g. resonators, actuators, integrated readout, RF-MEMS, …)
  • Photonic systems – (e.g. Si photonics, waveguides, resonant gratings, photonic crystals, metamaterials, quantum dots…)
  • Micro- and nano electronic devices (e.g. multi electrode arrays, CMOS integration, FETs, nanoelectronics, single electron transistor devices, superconductors, memristors, switches, photodiodes.,.)
  • Metrology - Inspection, process control and manufacturability testing (e.g. SEM, AFM, microscopy, …)
  • Packaging technology and reliability
  • 2D material integration
  • Modeling (e.g. finite element simulations, analytical modeling, …)
  • Other


Physical and Chemical Principles and Applications

  • Micro- and nano-optics (e.g. Resonant gratings, surface plasmons, photonic crystals and metamaterials, plasmonic antennas, SERS, LSPR, …)
  • Thermal properties of nanosystems
  • Nanomagnetism
  • Information and communications (e.g. Nanoelectronics, quantum computing, wireless communication, data storage technologies)
  • Wearable electronics and sensors
  • Energy harvesting and storage (e.g. microbatteries, supercapacitors, microscale power generators, nanostructured energy conversion devices, solar cells ...)
  • Catalysis and microreactors
  • Physical and chemical sensors (e.g. Mechanical, thermometric, magnetic, electrochemical, optical, pressure, accelerometers, gas, mass, force...)
  • Food quality, safety and environmental monitoring (e.g. particle counting, water pollution, gas sensing, …)
  • Other


Applications for Life Science

  • Design and fabrication of biosensors and prosthesis (e.g. electrochemical biosensors, optical biosensors, mechanical biosensors, BioMEMS, prosthesis, …)
  • Micro- and nano fluidic systems and their fabrication (e.g. microfluidic reactors, cell sorting, sample preparation, particle counting, droplet microfluidics, dielectrophoresis, …)
  • Bio-inspired technologies and biomimetic surfaces (e.g. carbon dots, nanoimprint, artificial cells, DNA, cell culturing substrates, …)
  • Bioprinting and tissue engineering (e.g. organ-on-chip, scaffolds, inkjet printing, 3D printing, electrospray/spinning, printing of cells, …)
  • Nano- and microfabricated drug delivery devices (e.g. oral drug delivery, nano- and microparticles, microneedles, smart implants, …)
  • Applications of micro- and nano engineered fluidic systems for life science (e.g. Lab-on-a-chip, droplet microfluidics, DNA sequencing, PCR, …)
  • Other


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