MNE2018 Best Poster Award

The MNE conference gives much relevance to the poster session. Contributions selected for poster presentation do not have less scientific quality than contributions selected for oral presentation, but their contents are expected to be more suitable for communication in poster form. To highlight the importance of the poster session, awards are given to the best posters.

The MNE 2018 Best Poster Award jury is chaired by Professor Urs Staufer from Delft University. The posters will be evaluated per topic and four Best Poster Awards will be given out, one for each topic:

  • Fabrication and integration of structures, devices and systems
  • Methods and Processes
  • Physical and Chemical Applications
  • Life Science Applications

The evaluation will be based on the assessment of the abstract reviewers and by the poster examination from the jury during the conference.

Winner announcement: The Best Poster Award Winners will be announced during the conference dinner on September 26th

The MNE Best Poster Award is gratefully sponsored by Raith GmbH, Dortmund / Germany


MNE Fellow Award 2018

To promote micro- and nano-engineering in Europe, the MNE Steering Committee recognizes a researcher or engineer every year who has made outstanding contributions to fields addressed by the MNE conference.


The aim is to honor a researcher or engineer who has inspired the MNE community by his/her leadership or outstanding work. This could, for example, be through leadership in the successful development and commercialization of a technology, the pioneering of a method or development of a tool with significant impact on current research or manufacturing methods, or an outstanding invention.


This year’s price will be conferred to Dr. John Randall from Zyvex Labs, a pioneer in MEMS/NEMS technology and advanced lithography. In addition, he succeeded in unique way to animate young researchers to combine science, art and fun in the yearly MNE micrograph contest.


The award ceremony will take place during a Plenary Session of the MNE Conference.

In previous years the MNE Fellow Award was bestowed to:


  • Dr. Haroon Ahmed from University of Cambridge (founder of Microengineering conference, which became the Micro & Nanoengineering conference) at MNE 2003, Cambridge
  • Dr. Peter Vettiger from IBM Research – Zurich at MNE 2005, Vienna
  • Dr. Mike Hatzakis from NCSR Demokritos Athens at MNE 2006, Barcelona
  • Dr. Bruno Murari from ST Microelectronics at MNE 2010, Genoa
  • Dr. Luc Van den Hove from IMEC at MNE 2011, Berlin
  • Dr. Hans Löschner from IMS Nanofabrication AG in Austria at MNE 2012, Toulouse
  • Prof. Dr. Dieter Kern from the University of Tübingen at MNE 2014, Lausanne
  • Dr. Emile van der Drift from Technical University of Delft at MNE 2015, The Hague
  • Prof. Dr. Nico de Rooij, professor emeritus at the EPFL Lausanne and Vice-President at CSEM SA
  • Prof. Andreas Manz from Saarland University of Saarbrücken at MNE 2017, Braga


The MNE Fellow Award is gratefully sponsored by "micro resist technology GmbH", Berlin, Germany


MEE2018 Young Investigator Award

The information on the MEE2018 Young Investigator Award is online on the MEE webpage.

The winner for 2017 can be found here.


The nano- micro-graph contest

Winners of this year's Micro and Nano Graph Contest:

1st Gediminas Sniutinas, Paul Scherrer Institute, for "The question of life: Which way to go"







2nd Jakob Vinje, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, for "What's under the rug?"






3rd Nathaniel Berneman & Ignaas Jimidar, University of Twente & Vrije Universiteit Brussel, for "A game of go"






Honorable mentions:

  • Marco Lindner, Stratec Consumables GmbH, no,. 2 "Austrian winter landscape at night"
  • Lucia Romano, PSI, no. 5 "Tulips in love"
  • Evgeniy Shkondin, DTU Fotonik, no. 12 "Perfectionist's nightmare"
  • Evgeniy Shkondin, DTU Fotonik, no. 13 "TiO2 nanocomet"
  • Monica Marini, KAUST, no. 17 "The dark side of science: When experimental contaminations fight to survive"
  • Joachim Zajadasz, Leibniz Institute of Surface Engineering, no. 21 "Metallic snow"
  • Ana Conde-Rubio, University of Barcelona, no. 26 "Array of gold nanoasterisks"


Read all about this year's contest here.

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